Red Dragon

3.5 (19 Votes)
Red Dragon
THC: Up to 23%

Type: Hybrid

Looks: A good mix of indica and sativa that produces huge kolas that are vivid green with enough long red hairs to give the whole thing a reddish tint.

Smells: Red Dragon has a robust aroma that smells like strong weed with a pleasant exotic fruit twist.

Tastes: As with the taste, at first you get an earthy indica flavor which is complimented by a tropical fruit twist that is both pleasing and exciting.

Effects: As with the taste and smell, the hit off Red Dragon marijuana is a complex accumulation of its mixed parentage. At first you will experience a soaring, euphoric high that is pure sativa, which is closely followed by a soft landing in deep, indica body sensations. Red Dragon is a great all-rounder.

Potency: Red Dragon is pretty strong weed. There’s no mistaking the effects and you may want to take it somewhere that you can relax and be comfortable. Especially good for sharing with friends.

Good strain for: PMS, chronic pain relief, stress and nervous tension.

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