Purple Power

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Purple Power
Type: Sativa Dominant

THC: Up to 18%

Looks: Purple Power cannabis plants are long fingered and elegant like a sativa. Multiple budding sites will produce long distinctly lilac/purple buds. The color will be more pronounced in cooler climates.

Smells: Purple Power marijuana has a definite sweet and sour aroma, although it is a pleasant hint rather than an overpowering stench.

Tastes: The taste of Purple Power weed is like the smell, except with more sweet and less sour. There are exotic sativa overtones here and this is a nice smoke.

Effects: Purple Power will give you a clear and upbeat buzz. This weed is functional and creative and suitable for day time smoking and socialising.

Potency: Purple Power cannabis is effective, but not overpowering, making it a good smoke for people who don’t want to get too messy.

Good strain for: Nausea, Stress and Anxiety, Pain relief, Tooth Ache, Spasticity, Chron’s Disease, PMS

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