Northern Lights

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Northern Lights
THC: Up to 26%
CBD: Up to 1%

Type: Indica dominant

Looks: Northern Lights weed forms a small, dense, bushy plant that produces huge buds that are notoriously very sticky due to the plant’s copious resin production.

Smells: Northern Lights marijuana carries quite a kick in the aroma department. The smell is thick and sweet and pungent, full of promise.

Tastes: Northern Lights has a sweet and resinous twist to what is essentially a deep, earthy, musty indica flavor.

Effects: It is easy to see why Northern Lights weed is one of the most popular strains of cannabis worldwide. The hit is a mellow and relaxing full body stone that is all about comfort and soft edges.

Potency: You get your money’s worth with Northern Lights. This is top end weed that packs a kick like a mule and is famously a couch lock strain.

Good strain for: Insomnia, pain relief, anxiety, lack of appetite, stress and relaxation.

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