Low Girl

3.5 (4 Votes)
Low Girl
THC: Up to 12%

Type: Indica/Ruderalis (Auto flowering strain)

Looks: As you would expect, everything about low girl weed is small. The buds are a bit fluffy and very sticky.

Smells: The overriding smell from Low Girl is that of pine. It’s not overwhelming but those forest hints are fresh and appealing.

Tastes: Low Girl marijuana tastes like it smells; nothing much going on but a definite hint of pine.

Effects: Rather surprisingly, considering its heritage, Low Girl has an upbeat and functional high. No couch lock, making it suitable for a daytime smoke or for being sociable with friends.

Potency: Not as strong as other strains, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Low Girl is great for smokers who don’t like being too stoned. Also suitable for medical users who don’t want to get too high.

Good strain for: Cramps, PMS, stress, anxiety and general relaxation.

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