Indica Feminized Weed Seeds

Big Bud

Indica weed strains provide for a heavy body stoned feeling, which make you want to sit on the couch.

All of these strains are indica dominant and are at least 75% indica.

When smoking these strains you will feel mainly the affects associated with indica strains.

Afghan is 100% indica, whilst Pineapple Chunk and White Dwarf are over 90% indica.

Afghan – A pure indica strain which is very rare as most strains are a mix of indica and sativa. It is a very potent strain which tastes of hashish.

Ak 48 – This weed grows quickly and is very potent. The potency is higher than Ak 47 weed which is a sativa strain, however the taste of AK 48 is not that pleasant. It has a hashy sour taste to it.

Big Bud - As the name implies the buds are huge and the yields are massive. It is an all round great strain.

Blueberry – It is 80% indica and thus gives you mainly the heavy stoned body feeling. Blueberry weed is one of the tastiest strains available and has a fruity, citrus flavor.

Blue Cheese – The plant is a cross between a Cheese strain and Blueberry weed. The Blueberry is reflected in its taste which is skunky and fruity. This is a lovely strain to smoke.

Ice – Fairly strong type of marijuana and it is bred from the skunk strain. Unfortunately the taste is not that pleasant, hashy with sharp spicy undertones.

L.S.D – Is really strong weed which provides for a psychedelic trippy experience. It is high in CBD and THC. The taste is nutty, rich and spicy.

Northern Lights – Very high 26% THC, this weed is immensely strong. Has a sweet, earthy flavor with a pleasant, relaxing body stone.

Pineapple Chunk – 25% THC and 1.1% CBD make this potent weed. It is crossbred from the cheese variety of marijuana. It has a very distinctive cheesy and fruity taste.

Red Dwarf – Auto flowering strain which is moderately strong. It is crossbred from skunk weed so its smell, taste and affects are basically the same as skunk. However Skunk is a stronger strain than Red Dwarf.

Skunk – Skunk weed is one of the most popular indica weed strains, with an aroma which is very pungent and unique. You get the pleasant body stone and upbeat cerebral high.

Super Skunk – It is crossbred from the Skunk variety of marijuana. As the name implies it is very powerful Skunk.

White Dwarf – Auto flowering strain which is over 90% indica. The smell and taste is heavenly.

White Rhino – It is a White Widow crossed with another indica. It is an extremely powerful strain, however the taste is a little harsh.

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