Great White Shark

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Great White Shark
THC: Up to 18%
CBD: Up to 1.7%

Type: 65/35 Indica/Sativa

Looks: A good looking strain, Great White Shark marijuana will produce dense, well formed buds that are white and sticky with crystals.

Smells: A pleasant mild aroma with hints of tropical fruit. This cannabis strain should not be too much of a problem if you have nosey neighbors.

Tastes: Like the smell. Very pleasant and not overpowering, the taste of Great White Shark weed is fresh and slightly fruity.

Effects: Mainly the affects associated with indica strains. This strain has very high CBD levels making it proper couch material. Good relaxing weed that makes a great nightcap. This weed should open up the path into the land of nod for the most ardent of insomniacs.

Potency: Very potent due to the massive CBD levels. Great White Shark cannabis is ideal weed for those who like the heavy stoned sensation.

Good strain for: Insomnia, pain relief, tension and PMS.

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