Durban Poison

4.3 (25 Votes)
Durban Poison
THC: Up to 20%

Type: Sativa

Looks: Durban Poison weed is an original, unhybridized sativa from South Africa that bears long, heavy, light green buds, making for great yields.

Smells: Quite pungent and pervasive and very distinct with a liquorice anise twist. Durban Poison has its own flavor and once tasted, is never forgotten.

Tastes: Like the smell, Durban Poison is one of those select strains of cannabis that has a unique and unmistakable flavor; a potent blend of aniseed and liquorice.

Effects: Like a true old school sativa Durban Poison is uplifting and functional. Great for socializing and going out to events.

Potency: Durban Poison marijuana is a medium potency weed. The first rush is intense but it quickly mellows into a good cerebral high that is functional and not overpowering.

Good strain for: Nausea, anxiety, general relaxation, migraine, loss of appetite.

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