3.6 (32 Votes)
THC: Up to 22%
CBD: Up to 1.5%

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Chemdog marijuana produces huge and densely compact kolas. Light green in color and thick with resin.

Smells: Chemdog is stinky weed. A pungent, swampy stench that can be quite overpowering.

Tastes: Tastes a bit like the smell, except there are sour, lemony overtones that make it ever so slightly more palatable.

Effects: This is why Chemdog strain is so famous. The effects are intense; starting with a powerful rush that twists the head and can get quite trippy, with lots of visuals. This is backed up by a deep relaxing body sensation that will have you reaching for the sofa.

Potency: Very potent, Chemdog is kick ass weed. The super strength along with hefty yields makes this a top grade marijuana strain.

Good strain for: Depression, relaxation, stress, nausea and pain relief.

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