4.1 (68 Votes)
THC: Up to 20%
CBD: Up to 0.5%

Type: 80/20 Indica/Sativa

Looks: Despite the name relating to the taste and smell, Blueberry weed does have a faint blue/lilac tint to the leaves; a variation on the deep purple indica color that we know and love. Buds are compact and full of light orange hairs and sticky resin.

Smells: This strain is always billed as having a blueberry aroma, but in honesty it’s a fresh sweet, citrus odor that is reminiscent of lemon skunk.

Tastes: Beautiful, definitely one for the connoisseurs. Deep and fruity, fresh and citric. Like smoking a nice dessert.

Effects: Blueberry marijuana gives an instant buzz that is mostly an indica body stone but with enough buzzy high to make it interesting. If it does send you to sleep the dreams will be good.

Potency: Very strong and fast working, the affects will last for hours. Blueberry cannabis is quality weed.

Good strain for: Muscle spasms, tension, stress, insomnia, pain, relaxation.

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