AK 47

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AK 47
THC: Up to 23%
CBD: Up to 0.2%

Type: Sativa dominant

Looks: AK47 buds form compact nuggets that are normally covered in sticky, icy crystals. There is a slight yellowish tinge to the bud with sparse, reddish brown hairs.

Smells: AK47 weed smells like very potent weed. It has a musty, slightly rotten base note that smells a bit like fuel. There are hints of summery pine over the top.

Tastes: A bit like it smells. Dank and dark taste that is a bit sour and quite unique.

Effects: AK47 marijuana gives an instant effect that is much more agreeable than the taste. Big waves of body sensations sweep over you. Your head will go west for a while, but you will be happy about it. Good dreamy weed and a bit trippy if you over do it.

Potency: Very strong. They don’t call it AK47 for nothing.

Good strain for: Pain, stress, nausea, depression, insomnia and headache.

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