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THC: Up to 20%

Type: Indica

Looks: Afghan buds are dark in color, they are normally large and very sticky. Leaves are thick and dark with wide fingers.

Smells: Afghan weed is very pungent and complex, a bit spicy. This is strong smelling bud and we would urge caution if stealth is an issue for you.

Tastes: Afghan marijuana has a harsh taste that is hashy, earthy and strong. It can be harsh on the throat as well and big bong hits may cause coughing.

Effects: This is an old school Indica that has a heavy, sleepy effect. Very mellow and lazy, best kept for evenings when you have nothing special to do.

Potency: Afghan is a potent weed that is best taken in the proximity of a sofa. There is no upper ceiling to the Afghan stone, eventually you will just fall asleep.

Good strain for: Insomnia, anxiety, pain relief and loss of appetite.

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